Daniel Hall, Family Law Lawyer

This is only a small sampling of the many websites and sources of information that might be of value to you. When I meet you and learn about your needs, I will be able to recommend other resources that you will benefit from accessing.

Resources recommended by Daniel Hall


Tug of War

Mr. Justice Harvey Brownstone, ECW Press,

If you have a custody or access dispute, this excellent book by an Ontario Family Court Judge will help you understand the realities of resolving issues through the court system, and tell you about ways to resolve disputes outside of court.

Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way

M. Gary Neuman with Patricia Romanowski, Random House, New York

This book is exactly what the title says- a book that will help you help your children through divorce and separation with the minimum of emotional damage.

Divorce Poison

Dr. Richard A. Warshak, Regan Books

This is a book about parental alienation, from one of the experts.



This Ontario Government website has a wealth of information, including information about court addresses and fees, court forms, and some general answers to basic family law questions.


Family Law in Ontario is a website that provides free legal information about child custody and access for parents facing a relationship breakdown.


This Canadian website lets you look up Canadian cases and statutes.


This Federal Government Website for Justice Canada is packed with information, including information about the child support guidelines and tables.


This is a new website that will give you some idea about how much child and spousal support you may either receive or have to pay.


This is the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada website that provide information and a  travel consent letter  form that you can prepare  if you  plan to travel outside the country with your children.


This website give you information about a software program that can help parents coordinate time sharing schedules for their children and helps manage the flow of information between parents.

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