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Daniel Hall arranged and attended with me
at a four way meeting with my spouse and her lawyer, and together we were successfully able to resolve my difficult issues early on in my separation, resulting in a fair settlement with
a minimum of legal expense.

I am very pleased with the results that I achieved with Daniel Hall.

~ satisfied client

I am very pleased with the results that Daniel Hall achieved for me and the professionalism he showed throughout my difficult case. I was able to obtain an order for joint custody of my daughter at trial despite the fact the judge at the settlement conference suggested that I should withdraw my case. I would recommend Daniel Hall without hesitation.

~ satisfied client

Daniel Hall represented me and was able to stop my spousal support payments. He was even able to get my ex wife to pay me a portion of my legal fees. He was very prepared for our hearing and I felt very well represented.

~ satisfied client

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Your Rights - Ask a Family Law Lawyer

You should always consult with a divorce lawyer or family law lawyer  if you are in the process of separating or are contemplating separation or divorce.

Below are some of the most common questions I hear in my family law practice. I have provided some general answers but every person’s situation is different and only by meeting with me can I give you the proper advice.

CUSTODY / Family Law

At what age can my children decide who they will live with?

There is no specific age at which children get to make the decision. If custody is contested, custody will always be determined on the basis of what is in the best interests of the children, but the children’s wishes and views become more important as they get older. What a child says at age 4 will have little impact, but a 12 year old child’s views will be important.

Are there ways to resolve custody and access disputes out of court?

I can discuss with you many options that might be available, including mediation, arbitration, a combination of mediation and arbitration, collaborative law, using a parenting coordinator and having a 4 way meeting with you, me, your spouse and his or her lawyer.  Each option has its advantages and disadvantages that I can review with you.


How much spousal support am I entitled to and for how long?

There are numerous factors that affect the amount of support and how long you can receive it. These include the length of time of cohabitation; the functions performed by each spouse during cohabitation; the economic advantages or disadvantages to you arising from the marriage or its breakdown; the economic hardship arising from the breakdown; and your ability to become self-sufficient.

As a family law lawyer I will be able to give you a good idea of how much spousal support you are entitled to when we meet.


How much child support can I receive or must I pay?

There are child-support guidelines that are the law and determine how much child support you can receive. There are two main components of child support. One is known as the “Table Amount” which is normally used to cover the basics, such as the cost of food, shelter, and clothing. This is usually, but not always based on the income of the person without the children who is paying the child-support.

The second component known as "Special Expenses" and include university costs such as residence, tuition and books, medical costs such as braces, babysitting or daycare costs, and some but not all extracurricular activities. Normally these expenses are shared by both the person without and the person with the children; based on both incomes.


I am finding life intolerable for myself and my children in the house with my spouse. Can I force my spouse to leave?

If you are legal married to your spouse, your house is considered a matrimonial home and both of you have an equal right to stay in the house. Unless there is an emergency, you should never move out of the matrimonial home without first getting advice from a divorce lawyer.

In some circumstances it may be possible to obtain a court order removing your spouse from the house.


Should I have a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement?

You should consult with a family law lawyer before getting married or beginning to live common-law to determine whether a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement would be right for you.

A contract or agreement written by a family law lawyer can protect your assets that you have accumulated during your lifetime, and limit your liability to pay spousal support.


My spouse wants to buy me out of our house. Does he have to pay me based on the current value or the value at the time we separated?

To determine the property equalization of property,  normally each of you have to calculate your assets and debts at the time of separation, as well as at marriage, but in the case of property held jointly, such as a house, you can insist that your spouse give you half of the current value.  A meeting with a family law lawyer will provide clarification.

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